[ hər-dᵊl ] /v.
  To master a difficulty or problem; to overcome

Hurdle is a charitable support service dedicated to reducing the number of children being taken into care each year.

To achieve this, we work with parents and parents-to-be who have experienced, or are at risk of, the repeated removal of children from their care. We help them overcome the significant emotional, personal and practical problems which prevent them providing a safe, secure home and future for themselves and their children.

men-discussing problems

For Parents

We help people to develop the self-esteem, life skills, wellbeing and confidence they need to become effective parents to existing or future children.

hurdle referral

For Referrer & Partner Organisations

We work in partnership with, and on referral from, organisations across the local authority, healthcare, legal and charitable sectors.

How can you help?

Your donation can make a huge difference to vulnerable families in Coventry and beyond, helping parents and their children to be happy and healthy. 

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